LG OLED EX TVs get 30% brighter thanks to exotic deuterium

In the lead-up to CES 2022, LG has unveiled OLED EX, a new type of OLED TV display that is up to 30% brighter than previous generations, thanks to exotic deuterium. OLED TVs are currently among the most popular models, thanks to the high-quality picture they provide. Because each pixel is illuminated, they can be turned off individually, allowing the TVs to produce perfect black and avoid the halo-type blooming that LEDs produce.

One downside to OLED, however, is a lack of brightness when compared with previous technologies, especially LED. LG appears to have solved that downside with the OLED EX displays.

The OLED EX name stands for 'Evolution' and 'eXperience,' a fitting combination given the technology behind the new display.

How The OLED EX Works

According to LG, its new TV uses "deuterium compounds and personalized algorithms to enhance the stability and efficiency of the organic light emitting diode, thereby improving the overall display performance."

Deuterium is a hydrogen isotope that is relatively rare in nature, with only one deuterium atom per 6,000 hydrogen atoms. LG has come up with an efficient way to extract deuterium from water, and is using it to "make highly efficient organic light-emitting diodes that emit stronger light."

In addition to the use of deuterium, the OLED EX TVs include a personalized algorithm that helps the TV better control how it displays content. As the TV is used, it learns viewing patterns and how to better predict usage for up to 33 million organic light-emitting diodes on the 8K OLED models. This enables the TV to display video content more accurately.

The combination of the deuterium component and personalized algorithm help the OLED EX achieve up to 30% more brightness. LG clearly sees OLED EX as the next evolution of OLED design, and as a competitive advantage in the TV market.

"Despite the global TV market experiencing a 12 percent decline this year, we still observed a 70 percent growth in OLED sales," said Dr. Oh Chang-ho, Executive Vice President & Head of the TV Business Unit at LG Display. "With our new OLED EX technology, we aim to provide even more innovative, high-end customer experiences through the evolution of our OLED technology, algorithms and designs."