LG's 32-inch OLED TVs expected in 2011

Mere days after Samsung announced its AMOLED TV production line would reach economy of scale by 2009, LG have countered with their own timeline for the low-power displays.  With ongoing investment into the technology, LG is expecting volume production of a 32-inch OLED TV sometime in 2011.  The news comes as the company released details of their latest LCD TV plant in in Paju, Korea, which is expected to begin large-scale production in March 2009.

The new plant will mean LG's production rate will increase and, potentially, costs of LCD panels will fall.  It will be producing so-called 8G screens, in a range of sizes: 32-, 47-, 52- and 57-inches.  LG are particularly proud of the plant's flexibility; unlike many already in operation in Taiwan, it will be able to produce both large-scale (e.g. 50+ inches) and more entry-level (e.g. 32-inches) panels.

AMOLED (or Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting-Diode) differs from LCD in that each pixel creates its own light, rather than requiring a separate backlight.  It also has a broader viewing angle.  Individual pixels in an Active-Matrix OLED display have their own on/off transistor, offering faster response times; standard OLED panels use a passive matrix of rows and columns.