LGenius viral video promises no profanity, family-friendly shows

Expect to see this viral video from LGenius – the "innovation" arm of LG – springing up all around over the next few days.  Intended to demonstrate three potential next-gen TV features aimed at making our home entertainment less profanity-filled, less depressing and more family-friendly, it includes what every geek wants to see on their 60-inch plasma: a basket full of kittens.Watch the video after the cut

The video shows three "breakthroughs".  First, a profanity filter that covers up swearing and bad language with the sound of a baby laughing.  Secondly, for sad shows, an instant cheer-up with a basket full of kittens that can be scaled to cover the misery (puppies optional).  Lastly, to make programs more whole-family friendly, a cartoon-converter.

If the thought of viral videos leaves you cold, or you think LG have demonstrated themselves to be unimaginative and dreary, then don't despair.  They're running a competition to win your own LG LCD TV – a real one – and all you need do is show you're more imaginative than they have been.