LG Wing teased as first phone in new Explorer Project lineup

You have to hand it to LG. Even in the face of years of disappointing quarterly smartphone sales, the company hasn't given up on taking risks to bring innovative and sometimes out of this world ideas to the market. It was rumored to have one such phone in the works but now that is no longer a rumor. As part of its teaser for an announcement in two weeks, it presents a new Explorer Project whose first incarnation is unambiguously what has so far been called the LG Wing.

It's really not that hard to see the one of a kind form of the phone whose second screen is supposed to swivel out from beneath the main display. Curiously, the short video teaser suggests that there will be a small portion of the second display jutting out from the top. That wasn't evident from two previously leaked videos and could simply be a matter of marketing.

LG goes on to talk about its new Explorer Project and throws in words like "excitement", "reshape", and "expand", cementing the phone's unconventional design and purpose. More importantly, it also suggests that the LG Wing, if that will be its final name, is just the opening salvo and LG plans on working on more eccentric designs under that project.

It's not abandoning conventional smartphones, of course, and it's putting those under a new "Universal Line" group. These phones will supposedly focus on consumer lifestyles, which is to say the more traditional smartphone users. And, yes, the LG Velvet is the first in that new family.

LG doesn't say much about the phone itself but does name the hardware and software partners it enlisted to provide unique experiences for that new phone. That said, you will need more than just four such apps to truly make something like the LG Wing more than just a novelty. LG will formally announce the Explorer Project as well as this first phone on 14th September at 10:00 (EDT).