LG Wing leaked video shows the swiveling display in action

LG has all but confirmed the LG Wing, the first of its new Project Explorer line of phones focused on innovative experiences, and has all but confirmed what the phone's main feature will be. That will be, of course, its rotating or "swivable" second screen, which is both odd but also intriguing. Like with any novel and odd design, the first question consumers have will always be "why?" and a new leak seems to reinforce the answer.

We've already seen the LG Wing in action, so to speak. Two video leaks show the phone's multi-tasking abilities, allowing users to run two apps at once or run an app with an additional informational UI on the second screen. But what if you're just using the phone normally?

A new leak from South Korea shows exactly that, with the main screen becoming a sort of wider area for notifications. Of course, the main point in this video is the swiveling action of the main screen, not the second screen. It makes sense, after all, that the second screen underneath would actually be part of the phone's main body, with the thinner main screen pivoting on top.

Admittedly, it still doesn't sufficiently answer the question of purpose, though another "mockup" video tries to explore the possibilities such a setup could bring. It's definitely an unusual one and will depend even more heavily on LG figuring out how to make regular apps support that arrangement without developers having to modify their apps.

There's still a lot of open questions about the LG Wing, but these videos do bring yet another point to mind. With the top portion of the screen moving around like that, the durability, ruggedness, and, most importantly, the ergonomics of the phone will probably take a considerable hit.