LG WING 5G is landing its swiveling screen on AT&T next week

LG has made great phones and some not so great phones. Whether they sell well or not is a different question but it's hard to deny it has created some rather unusual and sometimes innovative designs over the past years. The LG WING definitely takes the cake, at least for now, and sits on both ends of the spectrum. Those who have been enamored by its swiveling screen but scared off by its price tag may now get their chance to get one, presuming they trade it their old phone and pledge loyalty to AT&T.

The LG WING is hardly a high-end smartphone, which is part of what makes the $999 price tag a bit hard to swallow. Then again, it shares a lot in common with the $699 Google Pixel 5, like the Snapdragon 765G processor and 8GB of RAM. One might presume the extra costs come from the second screen and cameras.

Regardless, it's definitely a daunting price tag but carriers are fortunately willing to take a load off its subscribers. Following Verizon's lead last month, AT&T has now announced availability details for the LG WING on its own 5G network, including how it will help you pay less for the eccentric phone.

AT&T will be shaving almost $700 off the full retail price of the swiveling phone but you will be tied to a 30-month contract that will have you paying $11.67 a month, for a total of around $350. That discount, however, only applies if you'll be purchasing an eligible plan and, at the same time, trading in an eligible phone.

The LG WING 5G will be available on AT&T starting November 6, so there's plenty of time to make up your mind. It is admittedly a curious device but, unfortunately, curiosity isn't exactly a reliable factor in making a purchase decision, not unless you have money to burn during these times.