LG Vu signs arrive at ATT stores

The LG Vu isn't all that exciting of a device on its own, but Qualcomm's MediFLO mobile TV service that works with the device is quite impressive. There have been several, horrible attempts at mobile TV, but I think this one might work.

Other attempts have tried using the cellular network's data connection to the device to transfer the video and that just plain sucks due to the long buffer times you always run into. But MediFLO is a dedicated band/channel just for TV, so it should work better, faster.

ATT missed the Feb 5th launch date for both the device and service that they were supposed to hit so maybe, hopefully, now we'll get to see both. Word is the device will be available for sale in both TV and non-TV versions for those that just like the device but could care less about the TV functions of it.

[via PhoneMag]