LG VPInput lets you control your LG flagship from your PC

Anyone who works with a computer daily is probably familiar with the frustration of having to reach out for your smartphone just quickly check or do something. Not only is it inconvenient, it is also unproductive. LG has just announced its solution that fixes. Provided you have an LG G5, G4, or even a V10. Simply called VPInput, the Android app and accompanying PC program allows you not just to view but also control your smartphone right from the comfort of your desktop or laptop.

Connecting a PC and an LG smartphone is as easy as downloading the mobile app from Google Play Store and the PC or Mac counterpart from LG's website. No Internet or even Wi-Fi is needed, as the wireless connection is done over Bluetooth, which means the PC must have that functionality. Not a problem for laptops, but not all desktops are properly equipped.

The basic purpose of VPInput is to let users control their LG smartphone from their PCs or Mac, which means mouse clicks translate to touches and keyboard input is relayed to the Android smartphone. It does have a few bonuses that go beyond direct control. Clipboard, for example, is shared between the two, so copying text in one makes it available in the other. You can also take a screenshot of the smartphone and the image gets automatically displayed on the computer. Plus, you can set some of keyboard shortcuts to launch Android apps immediately.

LG's VPInput is definitely not the only game in town, most of which work with devices other than LG's three high-end smartphones. Those also do have requirements and limitations of their own. But if you have an LG G4, G5, or V10 anyway, one more free, official tool wouldn't really hurt.