LG Velvet Android 11 update finally arrives in the US

Ewdison Then - Apr 11, 2021, 8:23pm CDT
LG Velvet Android 11 update finally arrives in the US

LG has been struggling lately to push out Android updates even to its most recent phones but that was apparently just the symptom and not the disease. With its formal exit from the mobile market in a few months, there have been even more doubts whether it will be able to stick to its new Three Year Pledge of updates for a number of its phones. As if on cue, one such phone is finally getting its Android 11 update, with Verizon’s version of the Velvet 5G UW following the LG V60’s lead.

To be fair, it’s not like LG hasn’t updated any of its most current phones to the current version of Android. The LG Velvet was actually the first to get Android 11 last January but that was limited to the South Korean market. The first in the US to actually get the update was the LG V60 ThinQ 5G from T-Mobile.

Now it’s the Velvet’s turn once again, this time under Verizon’s “UltraWide Band” or UW moniker. The changelog isn’t that long as you might expect from such a major update but it does have some of the changes that Verizon itself added on top of Android 11. The update also brings the phone to the semi-latest March 2021 security patches.

The LG Velvet has been available in the US from different carriers and each of those will need to go through their own certification processes before rolling out the update. Verizon just happened to be the first in line but, hopefully, the others will follow soon as well.

The Velvet and the V60 are so far just two of the handful of LG phones that still need to receive updates, be it Android 11 or others. LG definitely faces an uphill battle in the coming months or even years to prove that it can fulfill its promise, especially now that it is actually winding down its mobile business.

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