LG V40 ThinQ is still coming in three months

In the past 11 months, there have actually been three V series phones launched by LG: the V30, the V30S ThinQ, and, most recently, the V35 ThinQ. Four if you count the exclusive V30+. Not bad for a smartphone maker reported to be girding its loins due to quarter after quarter of losses. LG, however, is far from done. Unsurprisingly, there is still the 2018 V series flagship coming, unsurprisingly called the LG V40, and it will also unsurprisingly bear the ThinQ AI brand.

At this point, it's going to be hard to imagine what the LG V40 ThinQ would bring to the table. After all, the V35 ThinQ pretty much has all the latest 2018 specs and features. Without the notch, of course. Without news of any new major hardware or technology, the LG V40 ThinQ might have a hard time setting itself apart from its immediate predecessor.

According to Korean news site ETnews, the differentiating factor will be the triple cameras. Following in Huawei's footsteps and possibly preempting Samsung, the V40 ThinQ will supposedly sport a 20, 16, and 13 megapixel camera trio, one of which will have super wide-angle while another has super telephoto lens. LG has always had decent cameras but, for one reason or another, failed to stand out from the competition.

LG doesn't seem to be in a rush to launch the V40 ThinQ. In fact, it's actually intentionally not launching early, to avoid having to face Samsung's August launch. According to sources, LG is looking at an early October launch, later than its September schedule last year. While it does avoid Samsung, it runs the risk of being quickly overshadowed by Apple's iPhone launch in the same month.