LG V30 price might be higher than expected

Depending on who you ask or which source you believe, LG's late 2017 flagship might be a relief or a disappointment as far as pricing goes. Given the trend of flagship smartphones this half of the year, some expected LG to try and match its rivals Samsung and Apple. But, if this latest bit from industry sources is to be believed, the LG V30 might be priced, at least in Korea, starting at 949,300 KRW, roughly $840. That's a lot cheaper than the expected more than 1,000,000 KRW price tag that would match the Galaxy Note 8. But it's also significantly higher than the $750 leak we saw a few weeks ago.

Truth be told, LG would have valid reasons to pump up the price. In addition to the cost of the latest parts and its high-end audio components, the LG V30 is also LG's first smartphone to sport an OLED display, which is more expensive to make.

But there are also two factors working against such a price hike. The first is that LG has traditionally launched its V series, at least for the past 2 years, with a figure floating around the $700 mark. That is one of the things that made the LG V phones appealing to some consumers.

The second is related to that. LG needs to set itself apart from Samsung and Apple, the latter of which is expected to unveil the world's second "regular" $1,000 phone in less than 24 hours. Giving the promise of premium features for significantly boost the LG V30's public image and hopefully help sales.

That said, the V30 is facing an uphill battle and will be facing off rivals from both ends of the price range. At the lower end is the Essential PH-1 which, despite a number of blunders, is still a solid bezel-less phone for $699. And those outside of the US can also look forward to the newly launched Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, which also brings all of that together, sans the dual cameras, at an even lower price tag.

VIA: Korea Herald