LG V30 Plus with 128GB tipped to launch alongside regular model

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 11, 2017
LG V30 Plus with 128GB tipped to launch alongside regular model

We’re nearing the launch of the LG V30, and a new report indicates we’ll see both the regular version and a Plus variant of this phone launch at the same time. According to this report, the company will launch both phones at the same time and then release them on September 15, at least in the South Korean market, pitting them against Samsung’s similar and highly successful Galaxy S8 handsets. We know this phone will boast an aperture never before seen in smartphones, but the sum total of its features is still up for speculation.

The information comes from Korean publication etnews, which reports that LG Electronics is planning to shake up its previous trends by introducing both versions of this phone at the same time. Sources indicate that LG will be introducing slightly different features on each handset, which will respectively clock in at 64GB and 128GB capacities. Prices will supposedly start at the $700 price point.

The report indicates that there will be differences of wireless charging and audio features between the two handsets. As well, the sources indicate that the V30 Plus model will clock in at the currency equivalency of $875, though such straight equivalencies aren’t entirely reliable. The Galaxy S8+, for comparison, is $849 USD, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see LG’s competing model parked around that price point.

Sources indicate that this is all part of a dedicated goal on LG’s part to drive up sales by offering a range of features and prices, hitting the sweet spot among multiple tiers of consumers who have varying needs. Though we’ve seen various specs leaked for the V30 model, the tipped V30 Plus model remains a mystery.

LG recently detailed the camera that will be included with the V30, one that packs an f/1.6 aperture for allowing more light to reach the sensor. The camera will also have a Crystal Clear glass lens for sharper images, the combination of which will, hopefully, make the V30 a solid contender when it comes to mobile photography. We also know the phone will feature a 6-inch OLED Full Vision display; the V30 Plus model is tipped to sport this same display, instead distinguishing itself by offering features like a greater storage capacity.


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