LG V20 cracked camera glass issue causing concern among owners

Many fans were eager to get their hands on the LG V20, but some buyers have had a sour experience. According to reports cropping up on Reddit, some people are experiencing cracked or shattered camera glass for reasons that aren't clear. Affected users seem to uniformly insist they didn't drop the phone or anything onto it, instead finding the glass cracked at some point shortly after using the handset.LG V20 first impressions: Verizon's Phone

In the photos that have been posted thus far, we see camera glass with various degrees of damage, some cracked in a few places and others outright shattered. One image shows the cracks seemingly originating from the portion near the LED, leading its owner to speculate that heat may have played a part in the damage.

While it may be easy to dismiss the issue as isolated, it should be pointed out that Jerry Rig Everything experienced the same problem during his scratch test video. Watch the video above to see the relevant part, but in case you don't want to, it goes something like this: he rubs the glass with a scratching device, removes it, and then the glass cracks on video a few seconds later.

Of course, the camera can still be used with the glass cracked — one user with the issue took photos and they didn't look too bad — but it certainly does degrade the quality somewhat, mostly in terms of looking faded or overexposed. It doesn't appear LG has addressed the issue at this time, so for now at least, be careful if you have an LG V20. Some have suggested keeping the protective film in place, but that of course may severely impact image quality.