LG US National Texting Championship Won by Teenage Girl, Receives $50,000

There aren't many texting championships out there that shell out a lot of money for the winner. LG, though, has money enough to give out $50,000 to the winner of their recent US National Texting Championship held in New York City. The winner, a teenage girl by the name of Brianna Hendrickson, managed to secure a victory while up on a stage, and tapping out a verse of "Old MacDonald" on her phone's keypad.

Hendrickson managed to pull ahead of her adversaries, and finished the verse in only 60 seconds. It was just fast enough to beat out all of her competitors, and it meant that she secured the victory. She instantly broke out in tears and called out, "I never thought I would win!" She was then told that she would be getting $50,000 for her efforts. And while teenagers were the focal point for the competition, parents were able to enter into their own contest as well, where the winner of that competition snagged $2,500.

Hendrickson claims that most of the money will be going into her bank account, but she freely admits that she's going to have some fun with her winnings, too. In the future, she plans on entering into more texting challenges, which should only make her faster. Hendrickson said that she sends about 6,000 text messages per month, so she obviously gets enough practice.

[via TG Daily]