LG unveils new Skinny Frame plasma HDTVs 25mm thick

LG is certainly huge in the TV market with lots of sets that it sells around the world. Today most TV makers are moving towards thinner designs with less bezel thickness. This makes the sets look better when hung on the wall or sitting on the entertainment center. The new range of LG sets is very thin at only 25mm thick.

The big news with the 25mm thick sets is that they are plasma TVs. I am a fan of plasma tech and have been bummed that the tech is slowly disappearing. The line is called Skinny Frame and supports 1080p resolution. The TV boasts a 600Hz refresh rate for clear images.

Connectivity for the line includes three HDMI ports and a USB port. The screen sizes in the line are 60-inches and 50-inches. The bad news is that the sets aren't cheap at 3,800,000 won for the biggest set and 1,700,000 won for the 50-inch version. That works out to over $1100 for the 50 incher and over $3300 for the 60-inch version.

Via Engadget.com