LG unveils 980g 14-inch Ultra PC

LG has unveiled some new computers today and one of them is claimed to be the world's lightest 14-inch Ultra PC. The new machine tips the scales at 980g, which is about the same weight as three apples according to LG. LG claims that the notebook is currently the lightest on the market. Along with the lightweight, the machine features a 14-inch full HD IPS screen.

The chassis is made from premium metal and has embossed and illuminated graphic on the lid. LG's Ultra PC is 13.4mm thick at its thickest point and has a battery good for 10.5 hours of use per charge. The model number for the thin and lightweight PC is 14Z950 and it uses fifth generation Core CPUs from Intel and audio via a HiFi Wolfson chip.

LG also has a 13.3-inch version model number 13Z940 that weighs the same 980g. It and the 14-inch version come in different colors. Along with the thin and light notebooks, LG also has a 21:9 curved AIO PC model number 29V950. This machine is said to be the first curved 21:9 AIO in the world.

The screen of the AIO is a 29-inch unit and thanks to the curved profile, the larger screen is still able to fit in tight spaces in your home or office. It uses fifth-generation Core processors. Pricing and availability of these machines is unknown. We do know that all the new PCs will land in South Korea and South America first.

SOURCE: LG Newsroom