LG tosses X120 netbook into the US market

We may not be getting those rather odd Levi's special edition LG X120 netbooks that were spied in Korea back in July, but we are getting the plain X120 netbook. LG announced today that it was offering the X120 in America.

The X120 is basic netbook fare with a 10.1-inch screen, 1GB of RAM, Intel Atom processor, and a 160GB HDD. The screen is LED backlit and has a built-in 1.3MP webcam. Rather than Windows 7, the machine still uses Windows XP Home and has integrated WiFi.

Mobile broadband access is available via the AT&T 3G mobile network. The netbook will be offered at Radio Shack stores around the country for $179.99. That price is the subsidized figure after you spend $60 per month on a new data plan with AT&T.