LG TONE Free earbuds released in USA, kill germs with light

Today LG released their LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds for sale in the United States. These earbuds were first announced back at the tail end of June, 2020, but a release date and/or price weren't revealed for the United States. Now the earbuds are ready to roll here in the USA in two distinct colors – Matte Black and Gloss White!

These earbuds work with UL-verified UV bacteria reduction technology. This pair of earbuds has a charging case that is the first product that is UL Verified to reduce bacteria "based on a new ultra-violet-light test protocol developed by microbiology experts at UL."

With the UV system in the charging case, UV light reduces bacteria on the earbuds' speaker mesh by 99.9 percent during the powered charging cycle. If you're looking for basically the same pair of earbuds without the UV tech, there are two options, one for around $100 USD (HBS-FN4) without wireless charging, and another for around $130 USD (HBS-FN5W) with wireless charging abilities (via compatible charging pads).

Key Specifications:

• Earbud Dimensions: 0.63" (W) x 1.29" (L) x 0.98" (H) / 0.19 oz (one earbud)

• Charging Case Dimensions: 2.15" (W) x 2.15" (L) x 1.08" (H) / 1.38 oz

• Battery Capacity Earbuds: 55mAh x 2

• Case: 390mAh

• Fast Charging Time: 5 minutes for 1 hour of play

• Battery Life: Talk: 5 hours

• Play: 6 hours

• Earbuds + Case: 18 hours

• Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (Single Device Connection)

• Speaker: 2 Layered Dynamic

• Microphones: 2 Outer

• Compatibility: Android / iOS

• Bluetooth Audio Codec: SBC / AAC

• Colors: Matte Black / Glossy White

The black version of the earbuds are less shiny than the white, which are glossy. Both versions of the earbuds will cost you approximately $150 USD. The LG TONE Free FN6 will be released at LG.com and at a bunch of LG-authorized retailers as soon as possible.

Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on a couple other UV sterilizers released for mobile devices over the past couple of years. You can put your phone in a coffin of light!