LG ThinQ smart speaker leads 2018 audio lineup

Smart speakers are in, if Amazon's sales numbers for the Echo, especially the Echo Dot, are any indication. OEMs are already jumping on board, including Apple, though not until early 2018. That gives them enough time to test the waters first at CES next month. That's exactly what LG is doing with its first ever smart speaker, powered by Google Assistant and one of the first new products under the ThinQ brand. But if you're not into always listening equipment, worry not. LG has a lot more in store.

Google has Google Assistant, Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, and Samsung has Bixby. LG, fortunately, doesn't want to make the market even more convoluted and has decided to, instead, play nice with others. In this case, its new ThinQ Speaker is practically a new home for Google Assistant, one that can communicate well with LG's own ThinQ and SmartThinq appliances. And thanks to its partnership with Medidian Audio, which covers this entire batch of speakers, offers hi-res audio capabilities.

Need a better sounding speaker but still with the trappings of modern connectivity? Then the LG SK10Y soundbar might be more to your liking. With a 550W speaker with 5.1.2 channels, support for lossless audio, and a head-turning design, the SK10Y is a speaker first and foremost and a connected speaker second. The latter comes via built-in Chromecast technology that let's you stream your audio from any compatible source.

If you don't need smarts but need mobility instead, then the new LG PK speakers could get you into your groove, any time, anywhere. Apt-X HD streaming makes short work of 24-bit music while the rugged design makes it a perfect companion to bring along to any kind of party. Plus, the mood lighting and Dynamic Party Lighting flashes to the beat so you don't need an expensive light setup.

Whatever the need or the taste, LG's new generation of speakers is advertised to rise up to the task. How they will rise up to the price is still unknown. But if you're anywhere Las Vegas next year, you can drop by their booth to hear for yourself.