LG teased an extending slide-out display phone in LG Wing reveal

JC Torres - Sep 14, 2020, 7:35pm CDT
LG teased an extending slide-out display phone in LG Wing reveal

Perhaps it will help boost smartphone sales or perhaps it will simply make LG’s brand more memorable in the smartphone market. Either way, it seems that LG is moving to establish itself as the mobile market’s daring out-of-the-box thinker, at least as far as its new Project Explorer line of phones are concerned. With the LG Wing and its swiveling display not even hot off the press, the company already threw in hints of its next and probably more eccentric smartphone experiment.

The LG Wing was already an oddity, with one and a half screens that swing independently of each other. Even with LG laying out the practical benefits of such a design, it’s just too strange to wrap our heads around the concept, let alone that it actually exists as a commercial product soon. It’s $2,000 price doesn’t help make it feel less surreal either.

And then comes LG’s teaser at the last few seconds of its virtual presentation as spotted by CNET. It shows what is undoubtedly a phone whose bottom slides out, revealing a panel inside the phone’s body. That panel is apparently a screen and the final bit of animation hints that, when fully expanded, the two screens will function as one.

If it were some other smartphone maker, including Samsung, the idea would probably be put aside as some crazy concept. For better or worse, LG does have a track record of making such crazy concepts come to life, from the modular LG G5 to the Dual Screen cases to this LG Wing. The company has also been playing around with different flexible display applications from foldables and rollables.

The question, as always, will be whether such an innovation makes practical sense or not. Never mind the lack of durability that this kind of structure will have, the LG Wing’s whopping $2,000 price tag makes it an even more expensive leap of faith than a Galaxy Z Fold 2 or even a Microsoft Surface Duo.

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