LG Smart TVs get GameNow cloud gaming

LG's latest smart TVs will get "console quality gaming" thanks to a Ubitus GameNow deal, streaming cloud gameplay direct to the sets without the need for standalone hardware. GameNow – which is already available on tablets and smartphones, not to mention on Google TV – will work on LG's LA7900, LA8600, and LA9600 sets, though you'll need a gamepad controller to actually use it.

So far, Logitech's F310, F510, F710, and Rumble-Pad2 are supported, along with the Joytron Rumble Power and Rumble Power2. PC and Mac support for GameNow is incoming, Ubitus says, while if you want to use it with Google TV you'll need the ASUS Qube set-top box and a Logitech 710 gamepad.

Along with gameplay, there's social support and multiplayer titles. Current games include Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Test Driver Unlimited 2, and Blade Kitten, among others, and the GameNow store allows pre-purchase trials for 30 minutes per title.

For the moment, GameNow on LG smart TVs is a free service, though that's expected to change midway through this month. Exact pricing isn't confirmed, though there'll apparently be both subscription plans and "game pack deals" to choose between.

GameNow recommends at least a 3Mbps internet connection to your LG TV, though suggests 8Mbps will get better results. Full service across LG's entire smart TV range will kick off "in the near future" LG says.