LG Smart TVs add PayPal integration for easier home shopping

LG has baked PayPal into its latest smart TVs, streamlining payments and purchases for on-demand content, apps, and home shopping. The integration – which is available on 2013 sets in the US, UK, and Canada now, but will spread to other countries imminently – will allow PayPal users to log into their existing accounts and avoid having to enter credit card, shipping and billing addresses, and other details into their TV using an often-inconvenient onscreen keyboard.

Alternatively, those without an existing PayPal account will be able to set up a new one directly from their TV, using LG's MagicRemote to gesture through the menus. From that point on, the account can be optionally left logged-in, remembering payment and shipping details for each subsequent purchase.

According to LG and PayPal, the possibilities for integrated payments are far broader than just buying the odd on-demand movie or smart TV app. Instead, they see a more complex and engaging advertising strategy evolving, where smart TV viewers can buy physical products without putting down their remote, or donate to charity campaigns with a single click.

In addition to the three markets where PayPal on smart TV has already been switched on, the service will arrive on 2013 LG models in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia starting this month. Broader availability will follow on after that.