LG signs TV deal with Unity Technologies to further video game ambitions

LG really wants to be part of the video game industry. Well, perhaps that's stretching it a bit too far. Let's just say it wouldn't mind if its name actually came up one day in a discussion about gaming. That's what the company is hoping for as it introduces a new video game-related partnership to bring additional content to its line of Internet-connected TV sets. The latest partnership with Unity Technologies brings on a company that has expanded 3D and 3D interactivity to smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, and TV sets from other manufacturers.

Unity has a roster of 750,000 registered developers spanning the industry from independent hobbyist to large multinational publishers. Although Unity has dealt in programs that aren's considered video games, this deal with LG seems to be all about a new chapter in how gamers interact with their TV. In 2012, the company will offer TV sets that come with special motion controllers for remotes, which will work directly into this new strategy.

Right now, the state of gaming on Internet-connected TVs is abysmal. Among the scant selection of apps that have been optimized for the living room device are very casual, very clunky, and very slow-paced fare. After all, you're controlling them with a traditional TV remote that isn't exactly built for gaming. LG hopes to change all of that, but the video game market is finnicky at best. It has a long road ahead.

[via VentureBeat]