LG Signature smart wine cellar packs voice control and cheese drawer

LG Signature has taken the wraps off its new Wine Cellar, a smart home appliance that can hold up to 65 bottles of wine, as well as snacks. The key aspect of this wine cellar is its 'smart' nature, one that includes the ability to peek in at the wine with a couple of knocks, to automatically serve snacks with the push of a button, and to preserve wine with climate control.

The LG Signature Wine Cellar is, first and foremost, designed to preserve your wine collection. The appliance features a modern design that would fit alongside most kitchen designs; it includes convertible drawers with fridge and freezer modes, as well as an auto drawer lift that raises up food and drinks.

Joining that lift is the Auto Open Door, which utilizes a sensor to automatically open the door when someone waves their foot in front of it. Voice Control joins these features, enabling users to open the door with their voice instead. Wine is shielded from light and users can take a look at it without opening the door using InstaView, which works with two quick knocks.

The wine cellar has a multi-temperature control for red, white, and sparkling wines, plus there's precise temperature control for keeping the temperature from fluctuating. As well, LG says that its wine cellar keeps wine at the proper humidity level to preserve label quality, cork elasticity, and more. The use of a UV-resistant triple-layer glass door with a dark tint keeps out ultraviolet rays, light, and heat.

Rounding out the features is LUMIShelf, an under-shelf LED lighting system that illuminates the wine and overall interior. LG Signature has launched this smart wine cellar in the United States where it is currently available to purchase for $6,298.99 USD.