LG SIGNATURE OLED R Rollable TV is now available for purchase if you can

While Samsung is lording it over its rivals when it comes to foldable phones, LG is taking its flexible displays where Samsung has not yet set foot in, at least not commercially. LG has been putting its own flexible OLED tech in computers and especially as rollable displays, including TVs. It showed off the latter last August and it is now finally ready to sell the LG Rollable SIGNATURE OLED R TV, at least those who can afford it in South Korea.

LG has long been playing with displays that can roll into view when needed and roll out of sight when not. Some of its iterations have focused on more industrial or commercial uses but it is also targeting the consumer electronics market with a rollable TV.

The SIGNATURE OLED R model RX rollable TV was first introduced to the public at CES 2019 and then again at SID 2020 last August and it is pretty much the culmination of the company's years of R&D into this field. Unlike its previous displays, the OLED RX's 65-inch flexible screen rolls up from a base that you put on the floor or some flat surface. That base itself is transparent at the bottom but has an opaque portion on the top half to hide the screen.

Aside from the rolling gimmick, the SIGNATURE OLED R TV also boasts of the usual features of high-end (read: expensive) TVs these days. Those include self-lighting pixel tech and individual dimming controls. LG doesn't speak much about the TV's other specs but it would be shocking if it isn't at least UHD in resolution.

What it does talk about is the price. The LG SIGNATURE OLED R model RX rollable TV is available now in South Korea. But even if you did live there, the 100 million KRW, around $87,000 price tag, might leave your jaw on the floor for a while before you decide to move on to more practical investments.