LG shows off the world's first Eyesafe certified TV display

LG Display is one of the largest makers of displays for various uses in the world. Eyesafe is a company calling itself a leader in low blue light solutions for consumer electronics. LG and Eyesafe have announced the world's first Eyesafe Certified television display will be unveiled at CES 2021. The display will be used in a 65-inch OLED television.The display panel is designed to meet Eyesafe requirements for low emissions of blue light and optimal color performance. The certification was granted by an independent third-party certification company called TUV Rheinland. LG Display expects TVs using the new Eyesafe panel to come to market throughout 2021.

LG says the new panel launch comes after significant data from around the globe has shown rising levels of screen time by consumers globally. The amount of time people spend in front of devices with displays such as televisions, smartphones, laptops, and others is growing at a fast rate. The pandemic around the world has increased those numbers significantly.

In the United States, a Nielsen report indicates the average user's screen time exceeds 13 hours a day. The Eyesafe Display Standard is the world's leading set of health-based requirements for the consumer electronics industry. The standard was developed with assistance from over 250 top ophthalmologists, optometrists, and engineers after conducting and analyzing clinical health and safety research on the impact of exposure to high-energy blue light.

TUV Rheinland will issue a Certificate of Conformance, including a test report on LG's new display. It's unclear if the technology used for reducing blue light exposure will impact the performance of the display compared to those that don't meet Eyesafe standards. It's also unclear how much the display will cost at this time.