LG rumored to be creating smartwatch contender

Craig Lloyd - Mar 22, 2013, 9:32am CDT
LG rumored to be creating smartwatch contender

First it was Pebble to bring smartwatches to the mainstream, and from the looks of it, several big companies are looking to make a dent in the same market, including Apple, Samsung, Google, and now LG. It’s rumored that LG will be joining the three other companies to compete in making a next-generation smartwatch.

According to The Korea Times, not only is LG currently working on a smartwatch, but they’re also developing another wearable piece of technology, which is said to be something similar to Google Glass. This rumored smartwatch from LG would be able to sync to your smartphone and provide notifications and the like to the smartwatch.

As for the software side of things, it’s said that this supposed smartwatch will either run Android or Mozilla’s Firefox mobile operating system, both of which are tipped to be viable options for the company, although they’ve already been working with Android for a while now, so that seems like the more obvious choice at this point.

Both Apple and Samsung have been rumored to be creating their own smartwatch variants. However, Samsung has confirmed that they’re actually working on one, according to the mobile vice president of the company. The word is still out for Apple, but Google recently joined in on the rumor vine, with LG being the latest one to join the team.

[via The Korea Times]

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2 Responses to LG rumored to be creating smartwatch contender

  1. There are atleast 3 Smart watches available now. I chose none of them.
    I bought the Sony MW1 Smart Bluetooth unit. Love it!
    I want to listen to music, and none of the Smart Watches has a headphone jack.
    The MW1 shows now playing titles, text messages and notifications from your phone, and the time. It has full music control buttons as well as volume control.
    The unit is slightly larger than a 9v battery. And lasts aprox. 8hrs.
    It also has FM radio and an SD card slot for use as a stand alone MP3 player.
    It does not have a speaker or vibration though. It does not run apps either, though there is a companion app on my Phone.
    The initial reviews were not Great, but I took the chance and have had no problems with the device.

    • Yeah. The Pebble is nothing new and has yet to impress me. But it seems to have created a lot of buzz about something that has existed for at least 5 years.

      I bought a Sony smart watch a year or two ago and it is as good as thePebble, just doesn’t look like I want it to. Yours is a good one too.

      Let’s see someone create something that is really stylish. The rest of them work fine but they aren’t truly exciting timepieces yet.

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