LG Rumor debug menu allows entire device to be wiped

I am sure there have been a few times you wished you could just wipe everything and start over, and on a PC where you have the OS software handy, the only other thing you need is time, but doing the same on a phone could mean an expensive paperweight. Well, apparently there is code in the LG Rumors sold by Sprint that allows a person access to the debug menu.

Even better yet, from that menu, they can wipe the entire phone, firmware and all. So, if you have one, the days of leaving it in the open or accessible to anyone but you are over, you never know when some jerk is going to walk up and wipe your entire device just because he/she saw a cool trick online.

They are working on an update to remove access to the debug menu, but it will come over the air as soon as possible, so taking your phone into your local Sprint store probably won't do you any good, just be patient. However, if your phone has already been wiped, I'd contact Sprint, they might tell you you're SOL, but they might have a copy of the firmware handy so they can at least re-install that even if all your other data is lost. Also, if you were considering purchasing one, I'd just recommend you wait, but in the meantime, you should check out the Palm Centro, I've had one for some time now, and I love it.

LG Rumor has problems, big problems [via crunchgear]