LG Rollable phone specs revealed in sketch leak

While Samsung is pretty busy with foldable phones, LG seems to be more focused on rollable ones of all sizes. It is already showing off its display innovations at CES 2021 this week but it's also expected to reveal what may be the market's first commercially available rollable phone. Unlike OPPO's X 2021 concept, details about this LG "Project B" rollable phone are still slim but one leak from a South Korean web forum points to some information about the device's display.

Just like with foldable phones, there are a few ways to do rollable phones, some better than others. At this point, we can only base it on conjecture until the first daring manufacturers put out actual devices in the wild. And based on this leak, LG will be doing things differently from OPPO and, to some extent, TCL.

TCL last year showed off two types of rollable devices, one large tablet that unfurls more like a scroll and one phone that extends vertically. The OPPO X1 2021 concept phone, on the other hand, extended only to one side, keeping the rolling portion to a minimum, perhaps to simplify the design and implementation.

LG's Rollable phone could instead extend at both ends, though it's not that easy to conclude simply based on static images. The leak does claim that the device will have a 6.8-inch 2428x1080 screen that extends to a 7.4-inch 2428x1600 tablet form. LetsGoDigital notes how similar it looked to the patent it reported on way back in 2019.

This might be the most specific leak we've gotten about the rollable display, though it's still uncertain how accurate it really is. Other leaks suggest that the LG Rollable will have a 4,200 mAh battery and 16GB of RAM, the latter sounding too good to be true given LG's recent tendency to use mid-range specs even for its flagship phones.