LG Rollable phone fate not yet decided, company says

JC Torres - Feb 22, 2021, 9:14pm CST
LG Rollable phone fate not yet decided, company says

LG seems to be the unfortunate victim of rumors that claim its impending demise, including some reportedly from company execs. The company, of course, denied those rumors and, to be fair, their official word carries more weight than hearsay. The latest subject of those rumors is the LG Rollable phone that the company teased just last month. It turns out, LG hasn’t actually made any final decision about it yet, meaning its fate still remains in limbo for now.

LG definitely made a big splash in the mobile market last month when it revealed its rollable phone. Unlike OPPO, who also teased one last year but said it has no plans to market it, LG hinted it would launch its innovative device sometime this year. For a brief while, however, it seemed not to be the case.

The recent industry insider report claims that LG has pulled the plug on the rollable phone, telling suppliers that its development has been put on hold and component makers can even request compensation for development efforts. Considering previous rumors about LG folding its mobile business, it’s almost too easy to take stock in the report.

LG, however, tells The Verge that no such decision has been made yet. Actually, the spokesperson says that no final decision has been made on future mobile products, so it could still go either way.

LG is undoubtedly at a crossroads in its mobile business, facing not just market challenges but expectations and PR management as well. If the company is to continue making its own smartphones, it will definitely make a strong statement if it pushes through with the launch of an LG Rollable, hopefully before anyone else does.

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