LG reveals new 1900R LCD Monitor

Rue Liu - Oct 23, 2006

For the office with unconventional decor, you might need a LCD to match. The new 19inch 1900R LCD monitor from LG fits the bill with a unique new form. The monitor is black with a red hole cut through its base. What’s the hole for? Not sure, but LG claims that “when you turn on the light, red light comes on clockwise direction to make you feel the smoothness of the light.” Sure, ok, whatever. The LCD features a 2000:1 contrast ratio and 4ms response time, which is great for both movies and fast-paced games. It also has a brightness of 300 cd/m, a resolution of 1280×1024, and 170 degree viewing angle. Is it just me or is that image showing what looks like an unsightly fissure across the screen?

LG unveils 1900R LCD Monitor [Via: Coolest Gadgets]

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