LG Rainbow flagship now rumored to be on hold indefinitely

Ewdison Then - Mar 2, 2021, 8:47pm CST
LG Rainbow flagship now rumored to be on hold indefinitely

It seems that LG just can’t catch a break. Despite finally showing some positive numbers for its mobile business after years of being in the red, the company has been reportedly rumored to be winding down its smartphone projects. First was the supposed communication about LG closing up its mobile business later this year, followed by rumors of the LG Rollable cancellation. Now even the company’s “normal” flagship has been rumored to have been put on hold, possibly for good.

There is actually little known about this LG Rainbow as much of the attention has been poured on the LG Rollable for good reason. Taking after the LG Velvet last year, the LG Rainbow is expected to be the manufacturer’s next “mainstream” Universal handset, featuring a traditional design without gimmicks or fuss. It might also run on whatever Snapdragon 7-series chipset will be available during its development.

Unfortunately, that day may never actually come, at least according to South Korean media. The LG Rainbow is supposed to go into field testing with network operators last February but, according to sources, that schedule was scrapped and wasn’t rescheduled. Had that pushed through, it would have given LG the green light to launch the phone in South Korea by March at the earliest.

Naturally, such talk sparked even more speculation about the state of LG’s mobile business. With two of its heavy-hitters now reportedly on hold indefinitely, it might not have much to launch this year if it has any at all. Then again, there are also rumors that LG will be shifting to an ODM business or licensing its brand ala BlackBerry.

That said, the company has repeatedly and vehemently denied those rumors, saying that no such business decision has been made final yet, including the launch of its LG Rollable. It does still leave the possibility open that it might but, at least for now, we’ll take LG’s official word for it.

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