LG promises affordable monitors with IPS4 series

More and more IPS monitors are hitting the market, but more importantly, the prices are tumbling down. The e-IPS panels on the cheaper monitors may not be as good as what you'll find on professional setups, but they're still head and shoulders above TN. LG has today announced a new line of IPS monitors, the IPS4 series, aimed at being "affordable" and noting how much better they are than TN panels.

LG quickly lays out how IPS panels deliver superior color fidelity, wide viewing angles, and great picture quality. LG has added some of their own tech into the mix too, with a feature called "Smooth Color Change" designed to eliminate motion blur that you'll find with fast moving action in sports and video games.

Executive Vice President, J.J. Lee, believes that the new IPS4 line will deliver a "huge step in making IPS monitors ubiquitous in every room." Whether it's LG's product or another manufacturer, that's definitely something we agree with. If you haven't had the pleasure of owning an IPS monitor the falling prices mark a good time for you to try one out.

The IPS4 series will be shipping throughout Asia in May, then hit Europe and the United States "in the coming weeks." No word on pricing, but expect it to fall in line with other cheap IPS monitors that have been popping up as of late.