LG Optimus U1 may be first LG phone with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Some images have surfaced that are purported to be of an upcoming LG smartphone, possibly called the LG Optimus U1. The device appears to sport a large screen, is incredibly thin, and could also be LG's first smartphone to ship with Google's latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich update.

There aren't many details to go by on this unannounced device besides the leaked images. Although sources suggest that it will be LG's first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, it's not clear whether it would ship with the update installed or will get updated later on. What casts doubt is that it sports a home button, but Ice Cream Sandwich doesn't require any dedicated buttons.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich was unveiled last month and is set to launch first with the Galaxy Nexus this month before being rolled out to other devices. The update is a major overhaul of the platform, uniting tablet and smartphone interfaces among other enhancements. For the full details on what to expect, make sure to take a look at the wrap-up and video of the Ice Cream Sandwich launch.

[via Android Community]