LG "Nexus 5" tipped as Google reportedly renews deal

LG will make Google's fifth Nexus smartphone, Korean reports suggest, following the Nexus 4 with a second Google-branded smartphone. Timing for the release of the smartphone, which The Korea Times says is part of LG's attempt to further develop its relationship with the search giant, is unknown, though given the Nexus 4 was only revealed in November last year, it's perhaps unlikely that any "Nexus 5" would be shown off at Google I/O later this month.

Google's more recent Nexus releases have stuck to a roughly yearly refresh cycle, though given the fast pace of the smartphone market, there's no guarantee that the Nexus timetable will stay the same. Nonetheless, demand for the Nexus 4 remains strong, with Google and LG struggling at times over the past months to produce sufficient stock to meet orders.

If the collaboration rumors are true, it means LG would become the second firm to have two successive Nexus projects. While HTC worked with Google on the first device, the Nexus One, it was replaced in that role by Samsung, who developed the Nexus S and then the Galaxy Nexus.

LG then took Samsung's position for the Nexus 4, creating a device – built mainly to the pattern of the existing LG Optimus G – that was sold at an ambitious $299 off-contract, as Google attempted to ween smartphone users off of their carrier dependence. Samsung instead contributed the Nexus 10 tablet.

One possibility is that the new Nexus could follow LG's even larger new smartphone, the Optimus G Pro, though with that handset's sizable 5.5-inch display, it's possible some would-be buyers might find it simply too large. Specifications for the device are yet to leak.

Meanwhile, LG is also believed to be talking with Google about the potential for an OLED Google TV, as well as more "futuristic projects as part of the big picture" in consumer electronics. That could include wearables like Google Glass, sources suggest.

[via AndroidBeat]