LG Music Flow to get Google Home, Multiroom next month

At least among Google's fans and partners, Google Home, and its smart Assistant, is the new hot trend. It also happens to be Google's biggest walled garden as far as features go. Which is why, almost like a major Android version, users are incessantly asking when they're going to get even some integration with those features. For owners of LG's Music Flow wireless speakers, the answer is "end of February", which might be a generous estimate but a much welcomed estimate nonetheless.

Many wireless speakers today integrate Chromecast, formerly "Google Cast", functionality already, so it isn't exactly a huge step for LG to put two and two together. They just need a bit more time testing the features, not to mention asking Google's permission, which is exactly what happened, according to Google's community support rep.

Amusingly, the Google Home integration is actually just a side effect of what LG was really after: Multiroom functionality. This would make Music Flow speakers all Sonos-like by allowing them to broadcast music to other Music Flow speakers within range. But while they were at it, they also asked Google if they could implement "Link to Google Home" at the same time. Google approved.

So when the features do roll out together, Google Home owners will be able to cast their music from Home speaker to LG speaker. Yes, you still need a Google Home, unlike the new NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. But at least you will be getting better sounding output than from the basic speaker inside Google's essential oil diffuser speaker.

LG says that they're planning on rolling out the OTA update before the end of February. Give or take, depending on how the testing goes. Perhaps the best news for Music Flow owners is that all models, old and new, will be supported.