LG Miracle reported to have NFC support

Even though Near Field Communication (NFC) is not currently a feature of Windows Phone Mango, there's a new report that suggests LG's upcoming Miracle handset will have NFC connectivity. The Miracle is one of the most anticipated Windows Phone offerings from LG and has previously been reported to have a rubberized case, a 5-megapixl rear camera, a front-facing VGA camera, and a 4-inch WVGA NOVA display. So far nothing official has been announced from LG.

It's almost certain that the device will be officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Spain later this month. At that time, it's possible that Microsoft might announce the addition of NFC support in Windows Phone. NFC is currently supported by the latest version of Android and is rumored to be included in the next version of the iPhone. It is expected to be a major trend but for now its reach is quite limited.

Also at issue with NFC is the software. So far, the only real worthwhile NFC app is Google Wallet, and only Sprint supports that app. The other mobile carriers are working on a joint venture called Isis, which will be a competitor to Google Wallet and aims to set a universal standard for NFC-powered smartphone payments at retail locations. The LG Miracle will be one of a handful of NFC devices to look out for during the MWC event, if it does in fact contain NFC support.

[via Digital Spy]