LG intros 3D World store on 2011/2012 Smart TVs

Television manufacturers may be keen on selling us the latest and greatest 3DTVs, but content so far has been limited. You're pretty much restricted to buying 3D Blu-rays, and no one has really stepped up and offered the ability to download 3D titles over the internet. That's set to change, as LG has announced that the launch of 3D World, a service which will allow customers of LG's Smart TVs to watch 3D content.

Owners of LG's Cinema 3D Smart line of TVs will find a "card" on the home dashboard that will open up the 3D World store. The store will house content from various categories, including movies, sports, documentaries, and lifestyle programs. Users need only select what they want to watch, and LG will begin piping it down in 3D to your television.

3D World will be available as an app for LG's 2011 line of televisions, while those buying the new 2012 models will find the store pre-installed. The critical details, namely LG's content partners, are unfortunately missing. Being able to offer 3D on-demand is great, but not if there's only a couple of things to choose from.

Smart TVs were very much present and accounted for at CES 2012, with various manufacturers like Samsung and LG touting features in the hope of securing a future sale. Samsung in particular announced that Battlestar Galactica would be available in 3D on their new TVs via the Samsung Media Hub, so grabbing as much content as possible and offering it via a custom store seems to be the strategy companies are going for.