LG-Hitachi Vein ID scanner recognises sub-dermal patterns

With fingerprint scanners so mainstream that most new notebooks have them as at least an option, together with stories that they can be fooled with a Gummi Bear, any security-obsessed person wanting to stay one step ahead may need to pay a call to LG-Hitachi.  Their latest security scanner, Vein ID, uses sub-dermal vein patterns – themselves unique and normally invisible - to identify users.

Vein ID works by projecting high-intensity light through the finger, which creates a high-contrast image of the vein structure.  That is then compared to records to ascertain identity.  Since it relies on what's going on under the surface, cuts, scrapes or sores will not get in the way, and even dirt or sweat present no problem.

It's not entirely clear whether that sci-fi film staple, chopping off someone's finger and using it to trick the scanner, will work with this system.  I'd think that would have too much affect on the vein patterns, but I'm no expert.  LG-Hitachi will be selling Vein ID from 2,500,000KRW ($2,388).

[via AVING]