LG Gram 2021 laptops step up to 16:10 screens

It's CES season again, this time virtually, of course. It's that time when manufacturers, big and small, try to show off their wares and it won't really be a surprise if a good number of those try to help consumers cope with a world still revolving around the threat of the COVID-19 virus. Just like last year, computers played an important role in adapting to new work and academic settings and LG is positioning its new generation of lightweight Gram notebooks as the perfect companion when you need to quickly move between home, office, and everywhere in between.

Although the name is almost meaningless by now, LG's Gram laptops have always been advertised their extremely thin and lightweight profiles. Even the largest 17-inch model weighs only 1.35 kg (2.98 lbs) and 17.8 mm (0.70 in) thick. On the other extreme, the lightest model does just stands at 999 grams.

The main attraction this year, however, is the upgrade from q 16:9 screen aspect ratio to 16:10. This means it can display more content, especially vertically, but the expansion also has benefits in the laptops' overall design. LG boasts that the four-sided super-slim bezels not only improve the immersive viewing experience but also make more room for larger keyboards and touchpads. The slightly increased space also resulted in larger keyboards and touchpads for more comfortable use.

All five LG Gram 2021 laptops boast the latest 11th-gen Intel Core processors and Iris Xe Graphics. For all that power, you will be limited to 8 or 16 GB of LPDDR4x memory, though, and M.2 Dual NVMe SSD slots for storage. Save for the two 14-inch models, the LG Gram laptops come with 80Wh batteries.

LG Gram 2021 lineup also welcomes a new size option while it bids farewell to the 15-inch LG Gram. Available for both the conventional laptop design and the 2-in-1 convertible, the new LG Gram 16 slots in between the 17-inch and 14-inch sizes. As before, the LG Gram 2-in-1 series comes with a Wacom AES stylus pen. Availability for these notebooks has not yet been announced.