LG G9 or its replacement could be announced in May

LG already announced its early 2020 flagship but, breaking its almost decade-long tradition, it launched a member of the V series first, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual Screen. This naturally added fodder to rumors that LG is retiring its premium G brand or at the very least demoting it to something on a lower tier. Whatever decision it has made, we might finally find the answer in a month's time.

The LG G line has been the company's torchbearer even before it was called "LG G". It took off after the Optimus G launched in September of 2012. It wouldn't be until 2015 when the company introduced its first V phone, the LG V10, and split the year between two high-end products.

LG's mobile business hasn't exactly been doing well so there is always talk about one of two brands being abandoned. Given how "G" is practically part of LG's name, it was presumed that it would be the LG V that would get retired. Last week's rumors, however, painted a different picture.

That prompted LG to release a statement about how the G series has been at the forefront of smartphone innovation and that the company would announce something soon. It's a pretty open-ended remark that still leaves the door open for the next LG G phone to be demoted to a "mass premium" tier or for some entirely different purpose completely.

According to South Korean media, LG will make that announcement on May 15, whether it is about an LG G9 or what could be taking its place. The LG V60 ThinQ, while formidable and feature-packed, has so far received a lukewarm welcome, especially given the global situation. LG will definitely need more than just a rebranding or a reorganization of its products to stay in the race.