LG G7 development reportedly halted, started from scratch

JC Torres - Jan 16, 2018, 5:41am CST
LG G7 development reportedly halted, started from scratch

If this latest rumor circulating media is true, then LG’s next flagship will have more than just rebranding to worry about. According to an anonymous official from within LG’s own ranks, the vice chair and CEO of LG Electronics, Jo Seong-jin, allegedly ordered a complete halt to the development of the current LG G7. He is tasking the mobile communications business to, instead, start all over again. Not only will this mean a delay in launching the company’s early 2018 flagship, it could also raise doubts and concerns about its sustainability.

It might not seem like it, but LG’s mobile business is in hot water reminiscent of HTC’s ongoing struggles. For 11 straight quarters, the unit has been posting deficits, though the decline isn’t as steep as some other OEMs. This has eventually led LG to downgrade the smartphone business into a smaller unit by late 2017.

LG is said to be rethinking its smartphone branding, which led to speculation that the LG G7 won’t carry the “G” brand at all. And now, it seems it might break away from its predecessors completely. Or so that is the sentiment Seong-jin’s command seems to be giving.

You can, however, only do so much by starting from scratch, especially at this point in time when the LG G7, or whatever it will be called, should already be on the way to mass production. Not much is known about the “old” G7, aside from expected slimmer bezels and possibly dual front-facing cameras. Even less, then, is known about the “new” G7 or what the overhaul might entail.

The LG G7 would have launched by April, if its “post MWC” schedule pushed through. Now it seems it will be delayed even further if this reboot has indeed been ordered. Not only will this give rival Samsung a big head start, it also doesn’t inspire much confidence in LG’s first premium smartphone of the year.

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