LG G6 will have an odd 18:9 5.7-inch screen

Gone are the days when screen aspect ratios were simple. Though there's really no one ratio to rule them all, you could expect screens to fall under either 16:10, 16:9, or the square-ish 4:3. Nowadays, you have resolutions like 3:2 or the ridiculously wide 21:9, which can be found on some new monitors. LG, who makes some of those monitors, is once again pushing the envelope with a new 18:9 screen for smartphones from LG Display. And in case you missed it, that might very well be the LG G6's screen.

With an aspect ratio of 18:9, the screen will be twice as wide as it is tall, in landscape orientation. Although we already have widescreen ratios like 16:9, that stretches the screen even more. Hopefully we won't get to 21:9 on a small form factor like this.

The 5.7-inch mobile display won't be stingy with pixels, at least. It will be an odd 2880x1440, a few hundred pixels above the usual 2560x1440. LG seems to be calling this "QHD+" , since it's more than QHD. Problem is, QHD+ is already being used for screens with 3200x1800 resolutions. Good thing no mobile device, let alone a smartphone, has that (yet).

Aside from those two, LG Display's new panel also boasts of a thin and light body thanks to its in-TOUCH tech, which basically fuses touch panel and display into one. Bezels are also no problem, with the new screen only having 0.2 mm and 0.54 bezels around it. Brightness is also promised to improve by 10% compared to QHD LCDs, while power consumption has been reduced by 30%.

LG Display doesn't explicitly name the LG G6, only referring to it as LG Electronics' "next smartphone". After all, the "G6" is still a placeholder, though pretty much a given. Although the smartphone is believed to have shed off its eccentric but impractical modular design, it seems that LG couldn't resist including something unheard of in the end.

VIA: Chosun Ilbo