LG G6 reliability put to the Rube Goldberg machine test

In addition to its FullVision display, LG made a bold claim when it boasted that the LG G6 is one of if not the most reliable smartphones in the market today. Sure, it's not going to be as rugged as a CAT, Panasonic, or even Kyocera, but it's tough while also pretty at the same time. Naturally, that has inspired not a few rough handling tests caught on camera to prove or disprove LG's claims. And, naturally, LG couldn't resist making its own "tests" via a convoluted Rude Goldberg machine.

You may not be familiar with the name but you are probably familiar with what a Rube Goldberg machine does. Especially if you happen to be a fan of some music videos. In a nutshell, the machine is actually a series of machines that activate each other, one after another. Think of it like a domino effect, but with more complex devices, wheels, levers, and whatnot.

Rube Goldbergs usually serve many purposes but, in this particular case, each step along the way is a test of this or that feature of the G6. It starts with the usual culprits of water and dust proofing and has a few slides and tumbles here and there. There is even a "freezing" and "heat" test, just to show how much rough handling the smartphone can take.

Of course, none of these are real world or even lab tests and most are just there for marketing. For example, the G6 doesn't even spend a minute under water or in extreme temperatures, so you'll just have to take LG's word for it. Or watch some other less promotional YouTube videos to verify those claims.