LG G5 B&O Hi-Fi DAC module might not arrive in the US

Some friends they are turning out to be. The LG G5 is barely out the door, and not even yet in some markets, and already it might be involved in some controversy. One of the so-called Friends of G5, the modules that give the smartphone its distinct flair, might not be coming to certain key markets, including the US. And the company remains mysterious about the disappearance of the Bang & Olufsen module from its websites, which doesn't inspire much confidence either.

To be clear, LG has neither said that it will or will not offer the Bang & Olufsen DAC module, also called the LG Hi-Fi Plus module, in the US. The only clue that such is the case is the sudden and still unexplained disappearance of the module from the company's US product pages. That pretty much leaves the CAM Plus as the only detachable module there.

LG only says that it doesn't have yet a launch date available for the module, it's way of explaining the removal of the product. Perhaps they should not have put it there in the first place. Then again, LG most surely wanted to drum up the hype around the modules, regardless of whether or not they will be offered in the end.

Another theory that the module could still be undergoing FCC approval. Unlike the CAM Plus, the Hi-Fi Plus falls under the jurisdiction of the agency. What is puzzling, however, is that module might not be offered in Canada and Puerto Rico. It will definitely be shocking if LG goes through with that, depriving two of its biggest markets of one of the very few existing modules for the flagship.

LG does promise to follow up once they have a definite date, which could still be a yes or no matter. There is indeed no other choice but to wait, hope, and speculate.

Update: LG tells us that the B&O DAC module has been on sale in Korea since March 31; we have corrected the article accordingly, and apologize for any confusion caused. There's still no word on broader availability in the US, however.

VIA: Android Authority