LG G2 Soars Into The Stratosphere Highlighting 13-Megapixel OIS Camera

We've seen plenty of smartphones strapped to high-altitude balloons and launched thousands and thousands of feet into the air. LG has recently published a video shot using its new LG G2 full HD resolution smartphone as it soared into the stratosphere attached to a balloon.

The video was notable for the high-resolution the G2 offers thanks to its 13-megapixel OIS camera. LG says that the video shoot required 45 days of preparation and the camera recorded 58 hours of film. The people who executed the project for LG also faced some challenges such as spotty GPS reception and inclement weather.

The phone was sent aloft going up into the Earth's stratosphere where temperatures dropped to -50°C. The smartphone was placed in a box that hung underneath the balloon allowing it to record an unobstructed view of the Earth as the camera flies into the heavens.

The camera used in the G2 certainly produced some incredibly beautiful images. Ultimately, the balloon traveled high enough that you can see the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space. The smartphone camera also captured the moment where the balloon explodes leaving the phone to plummet back to Earth. There is no footage of the return trip to Earth, presumably a parachute was utilized to return the smartphone safely to ground.