LG G Watch spotted briefly in German Play Store page

JC Torres - Jun 18, 2014
LG G Watch spotted briefly in German Play Store page

You know that something is near completion when certain sources “accidentally” publish something meant for a later date. That could very well be the case for Google Play Store in Germany, which, for a very brief period, put up a page that revealed the LG G Watch‘s presence. Though to be honest, it really doesn’t say much about it at all.

It does make mention of the fact that it will have an always-on active display, which confirms earlier rumors about the device’s rather unique capability, in contrast with current smartwatches that have to dim or turn off their displays to conserve battery. And when it comes to that battery, the page also mentioned it will be a 400 mAh one, which is, again, mentioned in previous leaks, along with the rest of the G Watch’s specs.


Perhaps the main takeaway of this accidental outing is that the LG G Watch will be sold via Google Play Store. Of course, that isn’t exactly surprising considering it and the Moto 360 are being poised as the Nexus of Google’s Android Wear platform, at least as far as smartwatches go. Of course, the two are likely to be sold by their respective manufacturers as well.

As to the pricing, that brief encounter with the G Watch in Germany didn’t reveal anything, either in euro or dollar. Last we heard is that it will be priced lower than the Samsung Gear 2 Neo’s ₤169.99/$284 price tag. But as to the exact figures, we’ll just have to wait when things finally become official next week at Google I/O.

VIA: Droid Life

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