LG G Flex smartphone gets smashed on video

LG officially announced its curved G Flex smartphone late last month. The biggest feature of this device is that it has a banana-like curved profile. The key piece of technology that allows the smartphone to be curved is a display that uses flexible plastic substrates rather than glass.

Flexible plastic substrates also open the door for phones that can survive being crushed or bent more than your traditional glass substrate phones. A video has turned up on YouTube that shows someone putting significant pressure on the LG G Flex smartphone and bending it from different directions.

You realize how much the phone curves when it is placed on a flat surface. The person in the video then smashes the phone completely flat, apparently without causing any permanent damage. The video also shows the phone being bent the opposite direction without any apparent damage.

The person doing the smashing in the video does say that it takes a "reasonable amount of force" to bend the phone. The insinuation is that the chances of you actually bending the phone as much in normal use are very slim. The G Flex should be an impressively durable device, but I'd be more interested to know if it's able to survive breakage from drops more than your typical mobile phone.

SOURCE: Gizmodo