LG files trademarks for multiple "edge" phrases

Samsung has taken to naming some of its latest smartphones with the Edge moniker over the last several months. Edge products from Samsung all have curved edges to the screen and that edge is used to show notifications. It looks like LG wants in on the edge action and its patent attorneys have taken to trying to trademark a slew of names that all use the word "edge" in them.

Trademark filings for LG show that the company wants exclusive use of Super Edge, Dual Edge, Upper Edge, Dual Side Edge, Side Edge, Double Edge, Two Edge, and G Edge. LG has offered up no reasoning on why it tried to trademark these terms.

Perhaps the company thinks Samsung might want to use those terms in the future. Perhaps LG is thinking of making curved screen smartphones as well. It could be that LG is just trying to mess with Samsung.

I would wager that LG is thinking about jumping in with curved edge devices of its own. The smartphone realm isn't known for being original and once a feature is seen to be popular you can bet just about all smartphone makers will jump on that bandwagon.

SOURCE: Phandroid