LG DV4S and DV4M are lifestyle DVD players

LG has today announced two stylish and lifestyle DVD players that didn't get to unveil at CES 2009. Unless I missed it, I don't remember see any wall-mounted and slim factor media players at CES show floor. One of them supports Dvix HD video playback and the other enables MP3 music direct recording.

The LG DV4S DVD player is an innovative approach lifestyle product. Elegantly designed, the glossy black chassis is sleek and slim with touch sensor buttons, and has an automatic sliding door to cover the flat-mounted optical drive. Technical details are thin; it supports Dvix HD Format media, Full HD upconvert and has USB connectivity. Output consists of four high speed, 10-bit video DACs and capable of 192KHz/24bit audios

The DV4M, on the other hand, is advertised for music lovers. The player can automatically convert MP3 files with a USB direct recording capabilities from connected MP3 media player. The player features 108MHz/14bit Video DAC and 192KHz/24bit Audio DAC. Prices and availability have not yet announced.

[LG via akihabaranews]